Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life Lately

When busy doesn't seem to grasp the full extent of how overwhelmed and lightning fast the days are... The limit has been threshed. To catch up is humorous at this point.

So, I'm gonna do a quick run down with Shannon's Life Lately Link Up.  Thank you Shannon for affording me the opportunity to share some of my Life Lately.

Snapping a selfie on a good hair day wearing my church shirt, 
"Whoever Finds God, Finds Life."  

The adventures of Yellow and Gray for baby girl turning ten - which I guess technically discounts "baby."  Oh well, she is still my baby.  There was yellow and gray everything.  These little munchkins played bingo, Simon Says, had spa hair and mud masks, and enjoyed all the yellow and gray props for our mock-up photo booth.  

Day after the party, someone had to dust.  So, why not bust out the air compressor?

Out to eat with the family this weekend, and I had to snap this picture of those blue eyes.  He's so handsome and venturing through the teens too fast for this momma to keep up.

Had lunch with a friend and grabbed Max Lucado's book "Grace."  I don't regret it.

You know those moments when you see something that takes you back to the fond memories of your childhood?  I saw this and went back.  I will have this picture again one day....

I realize it isn't much, but it is an update. 
Thanks for always being so gracious with me!

Don't forget to swing by and see everyone else's Life Lately.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

One Word 2014

Random fact:  I have a thing for the moon.  

Really, I do.  Especially when it is full and the sky is clear.  There was a full moon a few weeks ago.  On my drive home from work, it was difficult to focus on the road when there was this big, bright, blemished ball shining in the sky.  I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The moon, itself, doesn't illuminate.  It isn't lit on its own. It shines solely a reflection.  a bright yet blemished reflection of the sun  To me, that's deep. Metaphoric. A picture of calling.
I prayed about what my One Word would be for this year.  Last year was "rise" and was an incredible word. Rise was a blast and blatantly obvious throughout the entire year.  Rising in my identity, rising above circumstances, in my career, in my roles as wife and mother, in finances, in adventure, and in physical location. This year though, I wasn't so sure. Until...
Our pastor has been emphasizing this whole One Word for the year concept. The next week he added a verse to accompany the word.  The next week was a personalized thought combining the two.  The next week, the thought went from an internal thought to a verbalize statement-a sentence to be said aloud.

By this fourth week, the statement week, I still only had a word and was three weeks behind.  I prayed about it. I read scripture. I prayed about it. I listened to worship music. I prayed about it. I waited. And then... 

My moment with the moon and this concept of reflection collided with my word when I read this verse in Proverbs. I want my reflection to reflect Christ the way the moon reflects the sun. I want every moment to be a proper reflection.

Not all about me, but all about Him.
Seizing every moment,
conversation, reaction, and
interaction as the opportunity
to be what Christ wants me to be
in that moment.

So, I have my word.  I have my verse. My thought and statement are:

"In every circumstance, let my heart reflect your heart."

Do you have a word for 2014?
Let's chat!
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