Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life Lately

When busy doesn't seem to grasp the full extent of how overwhelmed and lightning fast the days are... The limit has been threshed. To catch up is humorous at this point.

So, I'm gonna do a quick run down with Shannon's Life Lately Link Up.  Thank you Shannon for affording me the opportunity to share some of my Life Lately.

Snapping a selfie on a good hair day wearing my church shirt, 
"Whoever Finds God, Finds Life."  

The adventures of Yellow and Gray for baby girl turning ten - which I guess technically discounts "baby."  Oh well, she is still my baby.  There was yellow and gray everything.  These little munchkins played bingo, Simon Says, had spa hair and mud masks, and enjoyed all the yellow and gray props for our mock-up photo booth.  

Day after the party, someone had to dust.  So, why not bust out the air compressor?

Out to eat with the family this weekend, and I had to snap this picture of those blue eyes.  He's so handsome and venturing through the teens too fast for this momma to keep up.

Had lunch with a friend and grabbed Max Lucado's book "Grace."  I don't regret it.

You know those moments when you see something that takes you back to the fond memories of your childhood?  I saw this and went back.  I will have this picture again one day....

I realize it isn't much, but it is an update. 
Thanks for always being so gracious with me!

Don't forget to swing by and see everyone else's Life Lately.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Praise & Thanks

Why the list?
List Commencement
Praise & Thanks
Listing continues...

February 15, 2014
1342.    "Wanna spot a present day Pharisee? Touch a sinner."
1343.   Sharing the story of the woman with the perfume with the husband
1344.   Morning reading before the house wakes
1345.   "80% of what a girl thinks about herself is rooted in what her dad says."
1346.   Clean laundry
1347.   Folded laundry
1348.   Put away laundry
1349.   Finishing up work at home
1350.   The blonde brigade picnicking out front
1351.   Sleep overs
1352.   Texts in pictures
1353.   Group messaging hilarity
1354.   A clean kitchen
1355.   Sunshine
1356.   65 degree weather
1357.   Surprise groceries
1358.   Daddy son time
1359.   Mother daughter time
1360.   Braiding her hair
1361.   Teenage hugs in the kitchen
1362.   You are never alone
1363.   Couch sleeping
1364.   He cooked dinner
1365.   More iced sugar cookies

February 16, 2014
1366.   A chalked drive-way
1367.   Run in daylight
1368.   The early morning sky
1369.   The yellows, the oranges, the blues, purples, and pinks
1370.   The chickens clucking
1371.   "Mornin' lil' miss sunshine"
1372.   Reading time
1373.   Playing outside
1374.   Driving through downtown OKC
1375.   He made breakfast
1376.   He looks delicious today
1377.   Sixth week escort to church
1378.   Familiar faces he knew at church
1379.   Hugs from Naomi
1380.   72 degree weather
1381.   Faith saw a fox
1382.   Lunch at Pearl's
1383.   Shave Shop shopping
1384.   Bald guy meet bald guy conversation
1385.   Hugging an old friend
1386.   Touring her new home
1387.   Reuniting with my old phone
1388.   Reuniting with over 7,000 of my photos

February 17, 2014
1389.   Hopping bunny
1390.   Morning run
1391.   Quiet time before the Lord
1392.   Selflessness || Grace
1393.   Braids before school for the little girls
1394.   He grocery shopped
1395.   Passed on my copy of 1,000 Gifts to a friend
1396.   The peace and joy text
1397.   "That'd be you" 
1398.   Saran Wrap laughter
1399.   Celebratory text messages
1400.   Parking passes
1401.   He got President's Day off
1402.   Hilarious group texts with my mom and sister
1403.   Gums
1404.   Areeeeba
1405.   Jersey Mike's for lunch
1406.   Kristina getting it for me
1407.   Godly men
1408.   Concert invites
1409.   Brave Women's Event
1410.   Emails about Jesus
1411.   Ephesians 6
1412.   Grace. grace. grace
1413.   Incredible weather
1414.   My mom's "I crack myself up"
1415.   The need for sunglasses

February 18, 2014
1416.   Another run in the books
1417.   Salad for lunch
1418.   Morning prayer with the girls
1419.   Danielle is back!
1420.   Passed tests
1421.   Conversion status
1422.   Celebratory dinner 
1423.   Church Online
1424.   Being a part of the family of God

February 19, 2014
1425.   Calm discussion about failing grades
1426.   Popcorn
1427.   Email threads with teachers
1428.   Parent portal
1429.   Blog post prepping
1430.   Cara Box Reveal link up surfing
1431.   Easy afternoon at work
1432.   More cowbell
1433.   Throwing candy
1434.   Office pranks
1435.   An evening open
1436.   Broken bike horns
1437.   Hearing about the author at school
1438.   Sandwich making
1439.   Random balloons
1440.   Auto-corrects from Carmen
1441.   Singing in the car
1442.   Getting off work on time

February 20, 2014
1443.   Bible reading plan in the car
1444.   The little old ladies at the doctor's office
1445.   Our morning together
1446.   Reading the paper together
1447.   Quotes from Crash the Chatterbox
1448.   Sweet messages from friends
1449.   Omelettes together
1450.   His favorite diner
1451.   Learning of the cause/effect of bumpy drives
1452.   Laughing together
1453.   Lifegroup
1454.   Stun guns
1455.   Talking jib

February 21, 2014
1456.   Leviticus 13:40
1457.   Chat with mom on the way home
1458.   Overcoming
1459.   Health
1460.   Smiles
1461.   Victory
1462.   Conquering
1463.   Prayer
1464.   God's ear
1465.   God's heart
1466.   His love never fails
1467.   "I want to eat a buffalo burger in front of a buffalo"
1468.   Love notes from my sweet daughter

The simple act of transferring this list to print illuminates the dark moments.
Some days are longer than others.
So many areas of possible elaboration, 
inside jokes, and glimpses of the easily overlooked documented.

Are you listing?
Let's chat!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Selfless || Grace

My One Word for 2014 is Selfless.
My first lesson in selflessness: Grace
Selfessness requires intention.
It isn't passive by any means.
To show it ... to be selfless... to see selflessness...

Pondering selflessness in prayer, the whisper of grace surfaces.
Ah. That word. 
I've struggled trying to comprehend this mysterious grace.
To wrap my mind around it seems impossible.

Unmerited favor.  
The textbook definition doesn't satisfy my intrigue.
There is this unattained depth...
A depth I have been unable grasp.

Thinking of selflessness together with grace...
Not so much the what or the how but the why.... the motive....
And there it is. 

Grace can be seen.  
Selflessness is recognizable.
But there is a line.
Distorted motives strip the pure authenticity of both.
Lean too far one way, pride.
Lean too heavy the other, pity.


Authentically loving the unloveable as much as the loveable regardless of a return...
There they are.

With a genuine heart, caring for those who do not care about, like, or even know you....

Joyfully helping those who may or may not ever repay, reciprocate or even appreciate...

From an earthly perspective, they are never fair.  Yet, in reality fairness has no relevance because the motive is so pure and unadulterated that the level of sincerity it flows from does not keep an account.

Maybe One of the many missing pieces in my understanding grace was motive.

Now the call to reflect grace, the instruction to check motives, the urge to demonstrate selflessness take on added depth.  

let my days reflect your grace
let selflessness be obvious
my motive always be pure
and my life sincerely reflect you
in the Holy name of Jesus I pray

And I am reminded of the greatest grace, the greatest pure motive, and the greatest display of selflessness.  I come full circle to what it is all really about. The who. The why. The what. The how. The example.

"In every circumstance, let my heart reflect your heart."

Do you have a word for 2014?
Has your One Word taken you deeper?
Let's chat!
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Praise & Thanks

Why the list?
List Commencement
And the listing continues...

"Oh come, let us sing to the Lord;
let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!
Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving;
let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!"
Psalm 95:1-2

February 1, 2014
1125.   Worship music playing all morning long
1126.   Grass sprayed green
1127.   Applewood smoked bacon
1128.   Passing out compliments on Instagram
1129.   Winter Jam!
1130.   The waiting
1131.   Blankets
1132.   Tango with Marge
1133.   Her good hair day
1134.   Her note writing
1135.   National Change Your Password Day
1136.   He's reading the Bible!
1137.   Call from mom while waiting
1138.   The audible laughs of strangers
1139.   Familiar faces as we wait
1140.   Every. Single. Performer.
1141.   Safely arriving home
1142.   Warm bed
1143.   Pictures after the concert

February 2, 2014
1144.   Week four
1145.   A shoveled driveway
1146.   A served omelette
1147.   Prepared cup of coffee
1148.   Leadership
1149.   11:30 morphed into 1:00
1150.   Worship
1151.   The acknowledgement of passion
1152.   The "where are you going?"
1153.   Groceries bought
1154.   Firewood
1155.   Photo ops at Church
1156.   New OU Blankets
1157.   Clearance!
1158.   Hugs from Naomi and Jillian at church
1159.   Doing donuts in the snow
1160.   Backseat laughter
1161.   Grocery shopping with him
1162.   When he knows
1163.   Restful sleep
1164.   "I love you so much."
1165.   Fireplace warmth
1166.   The Pistachio commercial
1167.   A Seahawks win
1168.   The video of the Seahawks praying
1169.   The images of the Broncos praying

February 3, 2014
1170.   Six month late birthday card
1171.   Driving to work on a sheet of ice
1172.   Arriving safe
1173.   My lil' heater
1174.   Joy
1175.   Permagrin
1176.   Hazelnut Creamer
1177.   Productivity
1178.   Prepared dinner
1179.   First day was a snow day
1180.   Kissing bub's face
1181.   The way she eats ice like Marge
1182.   Dry nail polish
1183.   Early night reading
1184.   "New beginnings"
1185.   Laughing at work
1186.   Chatting Mark with Marge
1187.   Love note from Marge
1188.   Telling testimony to Marge
1189.   Tank of gas

February 4, 2014
1190.   The way he looks in a hoodie
1191.   When he speaks hope
1192.   Morning snuggles with baby girl
1193.   Church Online
1194.   Freshly steamed brussel sprouts
1195.   Heat from the fireplace
1196.   Time to read
1197.   Comfy blankets on the couch
1198.   Tangoing with mom at work
1199.   Taking Matthew 13 with mom
1200.   Sweet words from Aunt Kim

February 5, 2014
1201.   The sound of coffee brewing
1202.   Awakening
1203.   Pure worship
1204.   The worship of a child
1205.   God moments
1206.   Radio songs
1207.   Awesome first day!
1208.   Icicles dangling from street signs
1209.   The cup song
1210.   Light girl laughter
1211.   Leaving early
1212.   Wearing mom's necklace
1213.   "Hear my heart"
1214.   DCUs 
1215.   "I cannot dwell on the lack if I am glorifying God for the fill."
1216.   Creation debate

February 6, 2014
1217.   Late work morning
1218.   Taking him to the doctor
1219.   Laughing on the way out
1220.   Shower speaker excitement
1221.   Sobs during a movie
1222.   Letters to God
1223.   Laugh at the Yes
1224.   Encouraging tweets
1225.   Blanket forts
1226.   Kids' snow day
1227.   "Stay home with me"
1228.   Free lunch

February 7, 2014
1229.   Shower speaker highjacking
1230.   Misdials and the subsequent laughter
1231.   Enormous crane in motion
1232.   Two hour chats
1233.   Arrival of six month late birthday card
1234.   Sharing selfies with mom

February 8, 2014
1235.   Lazy day
1236.   Work from home
1237.   Pursuit of Happyness
1238.   Texted prayers
1239.   Rest
1240.   Naps

February 9, 2014
1241.   Blog post productivity
1242.   No water all day
1243.   Blanket forts for days
1244.   Week Five
1245.   Running water
1246.   Giant icicles
1247.   Week one of Crash the Chatterbox
1248.   Picture editing

February 10, 2014
1249.   Esther Price
1250.   Mother-son chats
1251.   Bus route adventures
1252.   Pumped gas
1253.   Money from the ATM
1254.   Paid the yard guy
1255.   Before school care
1256.   Monday morning workout
1257.   Lunch with Cindy
1258.   Left work by 5:15 
1259.   Encouraging emails
1260.   Sheldon kissed Amy
1261.   He started my car for me
1262.   Package from mom
1263.   Coffee + morning shake
1264.   Selfies from my sister
1265.   His texts from his office
February 11, 2014
1266.   Church Online
1267.   "Blessings not turned into praise have the potential to turn into pride."
1268.   Language barriers cannot stop the move of God
1269.   Tuesday at the Castle
1270.   Talks of school days
1271.   Elevation 8 hour Live Event
1272.   Bought Crash the Chatterbox
1273.   Furtick tweeted me
1274.   AM work out
1275.   Warmed up his truck
1276.   Before care teachers
1277.   Teachers who follow up
1278.   People who pour into my children
1279.   Coffee already made at the office
1280.   Emails "dripping nerdiness"   
February 12, 2015
1281.   Duncan Phillips retweeted me
1282.   Laughing at the office
1283.   My husband listening
1284.   New law meetings
1285.   Loyalty of our dogs
1286.   Full gas tank
1287.   High school enrollment
1288.   Worked out

February 13, 2014
1289.   Tissue paper crafting
1290.   Pink and purple patterns
1291.   Letting her create
1292.   Picking out candy
1293.   "You don't just talk it, you live it."
1294.   Learning a specific lesson in obedience
1295.   The heart of people who form their own opinions
1296.   Grace trumping judgment
1297.   Grace in action
1298.   Authenticity
1299.   Lifetime friends
1300.   Seasonal friends
1301.   Friends who were placed in your life to teach you a lesson
1302.   Blatantly learning the difference
1303.   Sunshine
1304.   Warmth!!
1305.   Lunch with Angie
1306.   Cupkcakes from Gigis
1307.   Happy Birthday Magan
1308.   Inside jokes
1309.   Ffffvt
1310.   Little kids at the office
1311.   "You are beautiful"
1312.   Purchased Valentine's Day gift
1313.   Receiving sweet comments on the blog
1314.   His call on his way home
1315.   Celebrating my sister's new car with her
1316.   Texts that I'm proud of her
1317.   A friend adoring her husband
1318.   Surviving Walgreen's Valentine's Day aisle the night before Valentine's Day
1319.   Seeing a plan take off
1320.   Noticing the longer daylight
1321.   Swadley's BBQ sign "Lord make in me a new heart"
1322.   Free Banana & Coconut shake
February 14, 2014
1323.   Movie watching
1324.   Painted nails
1325.   Morning run
1326.   Chatting before the sun came up
1327.   Perfect running weather
1328.   A good gift
1329.   Boot socks
1330.   Hooded scarf
1331.   Perfume
1332.   Lunch walks
1333.   A clean desk
1334.   New claims daily
1335.   Finally hanging stuff on the walls
1336.   New bloggy friends
1337.   Finishing a post before work
1338.   Praying with her about a friend moving
1339.   Surviving the take-out order from Texas Roadhouse
1340.   Iced sugar cookies
1341.   Easy docket
Getting caught up on this list is a feat.
Each day, the list lengthens.
The more I look, the more I see.
Gratitude is having an impact.
My heart continues to overflow.
Are you listing?
Let's chat!
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