Thursday, March 29, 2012

Question For God

After reading's blog post, I went home and thought I'd invest five minutes.  Five God honoring minutes of conversation with my children. 

Let me introduce you:

Meet my princess:  She is kind, outgoing, bubbly, animated, and absolutely adorable.  Eight years of sheer awesomeness.

Meet my prince:  He is incredibly intelligent, sweethearted, creative, hilarious, and such a stud.  Eleven years of pure joy.

I went home from work that day, and in all honesty I began to get caught up in the every day moments of life.  You know... dinner, cleaning, baths...  Then my princess emerged from the shower all jammied up and wanted me to brush her hair.  So, I did.  The tv was off.  The quiet stirred my thoughts, and I remembered the Epicparent blog I had read earlier.  So, I called for my prince.

I asked them what they were thankful for today.  To me, it just felt like they gave "default" answers.  So, I asked them a tougher question.

"If you could ask God one thing about yourself since He knows everything, what would you ask Him?" 

Princess piped up and said, "I'd ask why was I bald when I was a baby."  We all giggled.  I could tell my prince was in deep thought about his question... I glanced over and smiled.  Then, he asked, "how long will I live?" 

[[Thanks for the reminder to maximize each moment,  Had I just told the kids to go to bed after brushing their teeth and baths, an opportunity would have been missed.]] 

The following day, I talked to my mom and grandma on a three-way phone conversation.  I told my grandma the discussion from the night before.  Then, unexpectedly, she flipped the question on me.  She asked me what I would ask God about myself.   My question would be: "What if...? What blessings did I miss by falling so hard?"  Her question would be: "Will I be here when the rapture comes?" 

Now it's your turn...  What one thing would you ask God about yourself?  Your life?

In His Love,

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  1. I would ask God... Will i ever be able to trust that my spouse isn't looking lustfully in any form? I know a different type of question but it is what troubles my heart today and would be my question for today. It is painful but also i am learning to lean on Christ not Rob in this situation. Thanks for sharing your heart sister.


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