Monday, May 14, 2012

Control Freak: Me?!

Confession: I have been strongly convicted recently, with regard to my having to ‘control’ things all the time. While I am still a work in progress, I acknowledge that I have let go of many things and quit trying to manipulate circumstances or use various tactics to my own advantage. Yet, I continued to hear the whisper of “whenever you are finished, I will take over.” Puzzled, I prayed, “God, I have done x, y, and z. I have quit doing a, b, and c. Reveal to me what you wish to change, what I need to hand over, what I need to let go of and return to you for your working.”

Not immediately, but by continual pleading and searching, it smacked me in the face... which usually happens mid-sentence in an “I told ya so” type of conviction, this time was no different. As I uttered out a sentence of slight manipulation, I realized my attempt at control was self-defeating.  If I believe God's ways are infinitely better than my ways, why hadn't I moved out of the way and let God do what I was trying to do?

So publicly I say...

 This situation is yours, God, not mine. I will withdraw my grasp and surrender this to you. You are in control, not me. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Father, I know your word is true. This verse is true. I thank you for displaying this in my life, and I praise you! Thank you for revealing the condition of my heart and poor intention. I believe huge things are in store with regard to this issue. As I step to the side stage and play background, take the lead and do a mighty work. In Jesus’ Name I Pray,


Are you a control freak? Have you ever struggled with controlling behavior?


  1. For me, controlling behavior is not a problem. The problem is controlling behavior that is not God-centric. In my opinion, people who have 'control problems' are people who really have 'selfish problems'. I'm not one that believes God does things for you. God gives you opportunity to do good and holy things to others and the world. This includes allowing others free-will just as God has given it to you.
    An added problem to 'control issues' is that people will use it as an excuse to not act at all.... as if to say, 'if it was meant to happen, the God will make it happen'. It's an excuse to be a passive Christian instead of an active believer who pursues what God would prefer. The key is to be an avid student of what God would prefer and not be a selfish student who manipulizes the Gospel to their own benefit.

    1. I believe there is a difference between being active and being controlling, as it lies in obedience. If my disobedience (manipulating and seeking my will/time) obstructs God's plan, how is He to do what needs to be done with me in the way? Rather, if my obedience in perserverance, honor, and love brings out something only He can do, then who am I to get in the way stunting the work of God? That being said, I don't necessarily agree with the belief that God doesn't do things for us. While He doesn't force us to do/be things, I do believe He is in the miracle-working, blessing-giving, life-changing business.

      At the same time, selfish motives of control can be manipulated into "God would want me to do this." When truly, without seeking God first, this remains a mirage of control founded in disobedience.

      I do agree with abandoned control issues being used as an excuse to do nothing is direct disobedience and is not what we are called to do. Your last sentence rings sooo true! Thanks for stopping by Joe! Great comment & feedback!!

  2. i struggle with it a lot---not on the big things, but the annoying interactions with other Christians sometimes---it has become less and less as i grow older and more tired---God bless you today :)

    1. Sometimes we do it and don't even know it. I think knowing and then noticing less instances is even better! God bless you too, Lynn. :)

  3. loved this..can relate totally..sometimes its the easiest things for others to do (daily activitys and so forth) somedays you have to totally surrender literally every step..and put your total trust in him..or your just not living..only existing.. He is in the miracle-working, blessing-giving, life-changing business.
    this says it all! well done love..


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