Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fab Five Friday

This is our first Fab Five Friday.  We encourage you to ponder your Fab Five.  Feel free to share the outcome of your positive reflection with us!  We truly are blessed by your feedback and participation.

(1)  This week I am grateful for...

Falen: Laura jumping on board with Upward Not Inward!  I am so grateful for such a wonderful friend that helps lift me up when I am down, encourages me, and keeps me level-headed!

Laura: Well, since Falen took mine.....being able to pray for friends who need prayer.

(2)  This week I enjoyed...

Falen: Working out... Yeah, it has been too long.  However, I am getting back into the groove, and it feels great!  The accountability with Allison certainly helps too!

Laura: Having a girls' day shopping with my mom, niece, and daughter.

(3)  This week I learned...

Falen: That our idea of reaching those who don't know God and reaching those who claim Christ and live as if he does not exist was in Romans (11:13-14), which adds to my adoration for Romans.  It really is my favorite book!

Laura: Again, since Falen took mine......I learned how to edit photos...courtesy of Falen!

(4)  This week I accomplished...

Falen: I accomplished two chapters of Romans.  Not simply reading, but diving (cross-referencing, defining, analyzing).  Loved every second of it. Also, P90X!!  Okay, not all of it.  But I started!! 

Laura: Sharing my testimony with the world.  I was very nervous, but it was well worth it!

(5)  I am looking forward to...

Falen: A peaceful yet productive weekend.  The To-Do List isn't in ink, so there is nothing urgent, but there are the usuals--like laundry, grocery shopping.  With the fantastic weather we have had, I have high hopes for this weekend.

Laura: My niece turns 18 on Tuesday!

Now that we have shared... It's your turn...


  1. 1. I'm greatful for my fabulous roomate who is so forgiving, understanding and uplifting. I am aloso thankful that I have successfully made it 6 weeks straight being obedient to a particular thing Christ has challenged me with
    2. This week i enjoyed clowning around at Old navy instead of folding clothes there
    3.This week I learned that there are others who share my rare controversial views and sincerly love people and have a passion to reach th lost in a practical way
    4.I accomplished cleaning my room for the first time in about ....3 months 4 months? PLUS got all my laundry done, sheets changed AND my winter clothes put away with spring clothes out AND bagged up 3 bags of winter and spring clothes that were cluttering up my closet! YA
    5. I am really looking forward to the next 7 weeks being done and overwith and seeing where God takes my life next!

    1. Love you Melissa<3 6 weeks down, only 7 to go...stay positive and focused on what God is doing in you in this time frame! It will be over before you know it! ((HUGS))

  2. Great list! I'll have to think about it :)

    1. Looking forward to your response! Thanks for stopping by Crystal!!

  3. (1) This week I am grateful for...
    That I found this blog! And recently have found other things that encourage my walk with the Lord.

    (2) This week I enjoyed...
    Having the neighbors over for homemade ice cream and to socialize

    (3) This week I learned...
    that it is essential to gain wisdom and that we do that through reading scripture and obeying God.
    I also learned that I need to set a regular time with the Lord (early in the mornings-5am)to make sure and have a consistant time to spend with him.

    (4) This week I accomplished...
    a balanced approach to my week

    (5) I am looking forward to...
    Having family visiting this weekend for Mother's day and also going to the prison for a reunion today. Sorry i am posting this on Saturday instead of Friday.

    1. Tonya, I am grateful that I met you! I am sorry to say I won't be at the reumion today. I will try to make it to June's. I will be praying for all the Angels at ORW today!!!!


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