Friday, May 18, 2012

Fab Five Friday

This is our second Fab Five Friday. We encourage you to ponder your Fab Five. Feel free to share the outcome of your positive reflection with us! We truly are blessed by your feedback and participation.

(1) This week, I am grateful for:

Falen:  Friends that encourage me with truth when I feel broken, friends who lift me up when I am weak, and friends who love me enough to stop what they are doing and salve my wounds.

Laura:  The Frustrations of a Fixer sermon by Steven Furtick that I heard on Monday. I have been able to apply this sermon to my life this week in numerous situations. I am grateful for God's impeccable timing...even when it doesn't seem right, it always is! I am also grateful for Godly friends who are willing to drop everything to pray for someone they don't even know when asked.

(2) This week, I enjoyed:

Falen:  Watching my preteen (I’ll never get used to that!) graduate from the sixth grade. I had to leave work early and run around like a chicken to get there, but to see him with his head held high as he received his certificate was every bit enjoyable for me.

 Laura:  Discovering....Air 1...thanks to Falen! This discovery has already led to some great blog ideas!

(3) This week, I learned:

Falen:  That no matter the circumstance, situation, trial, struggle, or pain, I am surrounded by Godly women who genuinely care about me and my journey. I learned that reaching out was immensely greater than holding it in and resorting to isolation, which is my default mode.

 Laura:  That I can't fix everyone and their problems. I can walk with them and encourage them and pray with them, but I can't fix them. There are some things that only God can fix and I need to get out of his way. 

(4) This week, I accomplished:

Falen:  Obedience in a tough area of my life. As hard as it was/is, I have to believe that I am More Than A Conqueror.

Laura:  Giving Godly encouragement rather than wordly responses to tough situations. Obedience even when it's easier to be disobedient.
(5) I am looking forward to:

Falen:  Witnessing God’s miraculous movement in my life and current struggles. I am looking forward to great things that are in store for me. I am also looking forward to an adventure filled Sunday with dear dear friends.

Laura:  Begining a new bible study with a friend. Hosting my niece's graduation party this weekend and seeing lots of family and friends that I don't get to see often enough.


  1. I am thankful for friends who call me out and lift me up!
    This week I enjoyed reaching the 50% mark.
    This week I learned a great illustration about how our value never changes
    This week I accomplished a great deal at work and being there for my sister
    I'm looking forward to growing deeper with Christ

    1. Right on Melissa!! The best friends are those who can slap you in the face and encourage you all in the same statement! Love you bunches Dear!


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