Friday, November 16, 2012

Saturday's Song : Link Up {1}




Saturday's Song is a Blog Hop where bloggers who love Christian music share the music that God uses to speak to them!  So, turn on your radio, Pandora, Jango, or pop in your favorite CD, and get your post ready for next week's Link Up!!

This goal of this Blog Hop 
is to broaden your view of
Christian music using a different
theme/challenge each week.

If you are a blogger who loves Christian music, join us in connecting with other bloggers and sharing our love of Christian music with the blogosphere!  Enjoy!!

This week's theme/challenge:  
What song has God used this week to speak to you?

Lately it seems like I'm asking God to help me with the same thing over and over again...but he never leaves me and never gives up on me...he is always there to strengthen me.
Enjoy 'Need You Now' by Plumb!

Next week's theme/challenge:
A song off a Christian album you listen to, but you have never heard that song on the radio.
Get your post ready for next week's Link Up!!

Do you have a song that God used to speak to you this week?  Tell me all about it!

Let's get this Link Up Party started!
We would LOVE it if you linked up with a post about what song God used to speak to you this week.

Saturday's Song Blog Hop Rules:

1. Write a post about what song God has used to speak to you this week.
2. Follow the host and hostesses via GFC.
3. Grab a button to put on your blog - the more the merrier!
4. Check out (and comment) other people's blogs.
5. Be blessed by all the sisters and brothers around the world!


  1. Great blog hop idea. It provided me with great blessings. I'm a Christian musician so this really was edifying for me. Blessings!

  2. I LOVE this song! This is another song God has also used this week (and so many other weeks) to speak to me as well. Thanks for hosting this link up. I linked up and I cannot wait till next Saturday to hear new songs :)
    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. This is a great song. I have 2 of her albums from a long time ago, but I have not listened to her new music. Thank you for sharing- and thanks for including me in the blog hop. This has been really fun. looking forward to next week. :)


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