Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fab Five {33}

Every Friday we reflect on our week and post Five Fabulous things.

Sometimes it is not always easy.
But, we do it!

We ponder on the good of our week.
We encourage you to do the same.
Share with us!!
We love reading how your week has been too!!

1) This week I am grateful for:

Falen:  Beautiful friends being born!  These gems had birthdays this week! Aren't they all stunning?  Happy Birthday Gorgeous Ladies!!  
Christy, Shannon
Katie, Amber

Laura:  Encouragement from unlikely places.
2) This week I enjoyed:

Falen:  Going to an OKC Thunder game with my husband.  Thunder Up!  {We beat the Bulls}

Laura:  Researching for the Motion for Summary Judgment I turned in yesterday.  I LOVE to research.  And I got to be the tooth-fairy AGAIN already!  Tooth number 2 gone!

 3) This week I learned:

Falen: Oodles of info from Kirk Cameron at the Love Worth Fighting For conference!  Post forthcoming!

Laura:  I should have started my paper earlier....

4) This week I accomplished:

Falen:  My Arbonne Launch Party, booked a few parties, marked something off my Bucket List (yeah, I should update that too!), and folding a lot of laundry.  
Laura:  I didn't get everything done that I should have, but I still accomplished A LOT!

5) I am looking forward to:

Falen:  The Bible Series that starts on Sunday night on the History Channel!!!  Ridiculously excited about this!!

Laura:  SPRING BREAK unofficially starts today (yes, I'm skipping class today).  4 days in California, then  6 days home with the kids.  I am also looking forward to watching my son's first play Tuesday night.  He doesn't have a speaking part but he's pretty excited.
We look forward to hearing from you every week.
So, please share something the positive from your week.
We love to learn about you, engage with you, and get to know you.
Have a great weekend!! 

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