Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Listing Commences

Why the list? Find out here.
I began intentionally tracking my 1,000 gifts mid January. 
The more I list
the more I see.
The more I see
the more my heart fills with gratitude.
The more filled my heart, 
the greater I trust
The more I trust
the greater ability I have 
to take captive the lies of the enemy.
The more I take captive the lies of the enemy, 
the more I believe:

He never leaves me.  
He never forsakes me.  
He has great plans for me.

January 18, 2014
1000.   Coffee & Jesus
1001.   "his obedience shouldn't dictate your obedience"
1002.   Shopping with Cindy
1003.   Chevron shirt in my size
1004.   Carabox purchasing
1005.   Magnificence of a colorful sunrise


January 19, 2014
1006.   Housecleaning
1007.   Church as a family
1008.   Target shopping
1009.   New camera
1010.   His new XBox One
1011.   His excitement over the XBox One
1012.   Debt-free provision
1013.   Birthday theme decided

January 20, 2014
1014.   Selfless confirmation
1015.   Proverbs 27:19
1016.   In every circumstance, let my heart reflect your heart.
1017.   Sharing The Respect Dare with a co-worker
1018.   Emails from Lifegroup prospects
1019.   Sonic ice

January 21, 2014
1020.   The reflectors
1021.   Lunch with Cindy
1022.   21 grams
1023.   40 day fast planning
1024.   Released financial reigns
1025.   Trust


January 22, 2014
1026.   Lunch with Shell
1027.   Jamberry sampler came in the mail
1028.   Relaxing evening with no plans
1029.   Us
1030.   To be mindful.


January 23, 2014
1031.   Lifegroup
1032.   The Respect Dare completed again
1033.   Shared brownie bites


January 24, 2014
1034.   Safe flights
1035.   Early arrivals
1036.   Timely court filing
1037.   Impromptu truck date
1038.   Promotion possibilities
1039.   To see hope and excitement
1040.   Picking out a movie hand in hand
1041.   Flickering fire in the fireplace
1042.   Falling asleep on the couch


January 25, 2014  
1043.   Worship music playing in the truck
1044.   Silent walks through Hemispheres
1045.   The pinky hold
1046.   Daniel fast meal at Qdoba
1047.   The Tractor Supply "salsa lady"
1048.   The opportunity to encourage
1049.   Looking for it and finding it
1050.   Kid-free night
1051.   Finding multiple picture CDs in the attic
1052.   Hair done


January 26, 2014
1052.   Intentional blogging
1053.   Blogging with Cindy
1054.   Third week in a row!!
1055.   Qdoba to finish the fast
1056.   Adventuring in Purcell
1057.   Spider find
1058.   Close flights overhead
1059.   Stillness of the lake
1060.   Frame discovery
1061.   Pumphouse trespassing
1062.   Amtrak - who knew?
1063.   Lexington spider Bug
1064.   The magic of a sunset


January 27, 2014
1065.   First cup of coffee in 2014
1066.   Early morning silence
1067.   #shereadstruth Day 1
1068.   Bible study with bub
1069.   Russian pearls from when we were dating
1070.   New job!
1071.   Girlfriends 2014
1072.   Worship with co-workers
1073.   First AR test of the year
1074.   100% on it
1075.   Conversation unearthed "relevance?"


January 28, 2014
1076.   Church Online
1077.   "I'll stand"
1078.   Reflection in reading plan selfless
1079.   Worship with him
1080.   Opportunity to build him up
1081.   New beginnings
1082.   Harvested seeds
1083.   Tear filled testimonies
1084.   Planning dinners with friends
1085.   Praying for a friend's potential war
1086.   "God's just getting started"
1087.   Seeing the makings of a warrior


January 29, 2014
1088.   Five new entries
1089.   Mid-day, mid-week sermon taping
1090.   Two sermons, not just one
1091.   Praying for a friend's next step
1092.   Little girl prayers
1093.   Thankfulness for "trees & bookbags"
1094.   Yes.  She's forgiven him.


January 30, 2014
1095.   Surprise gifts
1096.   Hebrews study
1097.   Crabby Yummy rolls *drool*
1098.   Praying for a "circle of protection" while doing donuts in the parking lot
1099.   Thankfulness for "food in the freezer"
1100.   Reading e-mails in bed
1101.   Seeing how a Bible study two years ago is harvesting seeds in another state
1102.   Hilarity in text form
1103.   Texts of truth
1104.   Hillsong United
1105.   Tattles of worship volume
1106.   Oceans
1107.   I Surrender
1108.   Acts of service
1109.   Picking up his favorite food
1110.   Profound and deep lyrics
1111.   Diving flights
1112.   Can't be topped


January 31, 2014
1113.   The first sip of warmth
1114.   The obvious in the daily
1115.   Productivity
1116.   The sight of the Devon Tower being gobbled up in fog
1117.   Commute phone calls
1118.   Post-library chats
1119.   Voicemail from my niece
1120.   Texts from my sister
1121.   A Hillsong kinda night
1122.   Dancing with bub in the kitchen
1123.   Dinner delivery
1124.   Mac & Cheese!

January ended on a mountain top.  
As valleys are part of life, 
all the more grateful I am for every majestic mountain top.

Has your listing of 1,000 Gifts commenced? 
Let's chat!
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  1. God is working in you so much! What a beautiful list:). He's so faithful when we are obedient isn't he! I loved reading this..I'm so happy for you that I almost teared up♥! I think I'll start one also..

    1. No. 1: I absolutely adore that you visited and even commented on this post.

      No. 2: As you know the first hand information behind the hidden yet obvious references, I know our tears were shared with the same celebration. :)

      Love you sister! You start one, and we'll chat about it!! Am I going to see you tonight at group?

  2. Thanks for linking up to thankful Thursdays

  3. "The more I list,
    the more I see.
    The more I see,
    the more my heart fills with gratitude.
    The more filled my heart,
    the greater I trust.
    The more I trust,
    the greater ability I have
    to take captive the lies of the enemy.
    The more I take captive the lies of the enemy,
    the more I believe"

    I love your way with words. This has been my experience, too, but I never had the words to express it like this.

    1. Thank you so much!! I wasn't expecting this at all! When I sat to draft this post, I knew I wanted to include the impact it was having. It really flows like that, doesn't it? I'm going to have to stop by your blog! Are you listing as well?

      I am honored by your visit. Thank you for your sweet words and for even taking the time to send them to me. :) Enjoy the rest of your week, dear!

    2. I don't keep a running numbered list, but I keep a paper notebook and link up every Thursday. It makes such a huge difference to take the time to write it down. I love my notebook because when I'm down, I have in my hands a reminder of all the ways God has cared for me.

    3. Yesssss!!! In the book 1,000 Gifts, I love how Ann Voskamp says, "God makes himself viewable in rearview mirrors." (or something like that) So, looking back we can see thing clearer than we could while we were in it.... yes. I'm with you there sister.

  4. Love the idea of this! I'm not a good list-maker, but love the idea of being so intentional!

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! How great to have this list as a reminder of all the things you are grateful for! Do you carry around a journal and make notes throughout the day or do it at the end of the night?


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